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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and one which you will look back and remember.

We are Surrey wedding videographers specialising in a natural, unobtrusive style of storytelling wedding videography.

The wedding venues in Surrey all tell a story and it’s a privilege for us to be able to film at some of the most amazing wedding venues in surrey.

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Surrey wedding videography for relaxed, fun loving wedding couples

Weddings are as unique as the couples themselves from quintessential Surrey Weddings to Weddings abroad, every wedding is tailored to the day you have in mind.

Weddings are planned with meticulous precision from the make-up artist, to the venue, to the wedding car, to jewellery, and, not forgetting the dress!

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The one person who can capture every moving moment,  is a wedding videographer. Wedding Videographers Look Back and Remember.

From the mother wiping a tear from her eye to grandpa showing his moves on the dance floor, to the look the couple share at the altar, those special moments were captured by Look Back and Remember, offering the best wedding videography Surrey.

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So, how do you choose your wedding videographer in Surrey? Look at our quality of wedding filming and our experience in filming weddings for over 14 years.

Look Back and Remember offer all these qualities and many more. We are experts in filming weddings and have taken many years to perfect our business. We want to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who watches our films, although we cannot promise you will be left tear free!

We offer the best Wedding Videography Surrey and beyond.

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We have filmed at hundreds of locations through the years and have built good relationships with the venues. This gives us a step ahead of many wedding videographers as knowing your venue is knowledge of where to film and when and being able to remain unobtrusive throughout the day.

From castles to manor houses, It makes Surrey the perfect place for your wedding, and what better way to capture your special day than with us as your wedding videographer Surrey.

We just love being able to tell your story through film and then turn this into memories that you will treasure and relive time and time again.

Discover unparalleled dedication and craftsmanship with Look Back and Remember Wedding Videographers. Every moment of your special day is immortalized with love, care, and attention in our films. Collaborating closely with couples, we craft stunning wedding films that authentically portray their unique love story—a cherished memento to share with loved ones.

Experience the magic firsthand and become an advocate for Look Back and Remember Wedding Videographers. Spread the joy of unforgettable memories!

For couples planning their wedding in Surrey, entrust us to be part of your journey. Choose Look Back and Remember Wedding Videographers for unparalleled wedding videography in Surrey.

As you meticulously plan your day, let us preserve the moments that will last a lifetime.

Wherever your Surrey wedding takes place, our discreet and creative videographers will artfully capture every moment, ensuring you can relive your special day endlessly.

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Our aim is to be totally unobtrusive on your day. It’s such a positive day full of love and excitement and we want to capture this.

Every wedding is totally unique just like the couple getting married. 

We use the latest video cameras and amazing quality in audio recording technology we will create an amazing, beautiful wedding film for you to treasure.

Reliving those moments for yourself and future generations with our beautiful cinematic wedding films are made to stand the test of time so you can relive one of the best days of your life forever.

Wedding Videographers Surrey

Surrey Wedding Videographers

Your wedding is undeniably one of the most significant milestones in your life, an occasion that holds a special place in your heart and memories. As Surrey wedding videographers, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture the essence of your special day through a natural and unobtrusive style. Our team is dedicated to creating a unique storytelling experience that beautifully portrays every meaningful moment of your wedding.

With years of expertise in the field, we understand the significance of preserving these cherished memories for a lifetime. We carefully document each aspect through our lens, from the delicate exchange of vows to the heartfelt speeches at the reception. Our approach ensures you can relive those emotions, laughter, and tears whenever desired. As professionals devoted exclusively to capturing weddings in Surrey, we have gained an intimate understanding of its breathtaking venues and scenic beauty.

This knowledge enables us to skillfully integrate your surroundings into your film while highlighting your love story as it unfolds naturally throughout the day. Trust us with this significant task so that you can fully immerse yourself in celebrating this remarkable milestone alongside loved ones without worrying about missing out on any precious moments captured forever by our expert team at Surrey Wedding Videographers.

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